Lakeshore Homes Association (CA)

Transparency Portal

Last Updated: Sat Jul 20 2024
What's Detected
License Plates, Vehicles
What's Not Detected
Facial recognition, People, Gender, Race
Acceptable Use Policy
Data is used for law enforcement purposes only. Data is owned by Lakeshore Homes Association (CA) and is never sold to 3rd parties.
Prohibited Uses
Sharing of information across state lines, immigration enforcement, traffic enforcement, harassment or intimidation, usage based solely on a protected class (i.e. race, sex, religion), Personal use.
Access Policy
All system access requires a valid reason and is stored indefinitely.
Data retention (in days)
30 days
Number of owned cameras
External organizations with access
Alameda CA PD, Albany CA PD, Berkeley CA PD, California Highway Patrol, Daly City CA PD, Moraga CA PD, Oakland CA PD, Piedmont CA PD, Richmond CA PD, San Francisco District Attorney CA, San Leandro CA PD
Vehicles detected in the last 30 days
LHA HOA Searches in the last 30 days
Public Search Audit
Hot List Hits in June
Total Searches in June by HOA and Law Enforcement Combined