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Last Updated: Sat Jul 20 2024
Pittsburg KS PD uses Flock Safety technology to capture objective evidence without compromising on individual privacy. Pittsburg KS PD utilizes retroactive search to solve crimes after they've occurred. Additionally, Pittsburg KS PD utilizes real time alerting of hotlist vehicles to capture wanted criminals. In an effort to ensure proper usage and guardrails are in place, they have made the below policies and usage statistics available to the public.
What's Detected
License Plates, Vehicles
What's Not Detected
Facial recognition, People, Gender, Race, Speed of vehicles
Acceptable Use Policy
Data is used for law enforcement purposes only. Data is owned by Pittsburg KS PD and is never sold to 3rd parties.
Prohibited Uses
Immigration enforcement, traffic enforcement, harassment or intimidation, usage based solely on a protected class (i.e. race, sex, religion), personal use.
Access Policy
All system access requires a valid reason and is stored indefinitely.
Hotlist Policy
Hotlist hits are required to be human verified with a secondary source.
Data retention (in days)
30 days
Number of owned cameras
Hotlists Alerted On
NCIC, NCMEC Amber Alert
Vehicles detected in the last 30 days
Hotlist hits in the last 30 days
Additional Info
Recent Success Stories
An LPR image was sent to officers from the Pittsburg Police Departments Crime Analysis Unit regarding a real- time image of a vehicle that had been stolen in the City of Pittsburg. Two days later, at approximately 1:49 a.m. an officer on patrol was able to recognize the vehicle from the LPR image that had been provided. The officer was able to conduct a traffic stop and the driver of the vehicle was identified as the suspect in the motor vehicle theft. The suspect was subsequently arrested for: Felony Possession of Stolen Property. Dispatch had received an ALERT NOTIFICATION through FLOCK regarding a vehicle that had been reported as stolen out of Kansas City, Missouri and had passed by a City of Pittsburg License Plate Reader. Officers arrived in the area and were able to locate the vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by two subjects, who were later arrested for Felony Possession of Stolen Property. Also located inside of the stolen vehicle, was a .45 caliber handgun, which was also reported as stolen and recovered by the Pittsburg Police Department. Both suspects were additionally charged with: Felony Possession of a firearm. Through further investigation, it was learned that one of the suspects had previously been convicted of a felony crime, and was also charged with: Criminal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. An individual was reportedly in the parking area of a Pittsburg Citizen who had an active Order of Protection served against him for Stalking. The suspect fled the area in the vehicle that was associated in the Order of Protection prior to the officers arrival. Officers searched the area, but did not locate the suspect the day the incident was reported. However, a City of Pittsburg License Plate Reader captured the suspects vehicle within minutes of his fleeing her apartment at an intersection a few blocks from where the incident occurred. That information was added to the corresponding case file, and an affidavit was submitted to the Crawford County Attorneys Office. After viewing surveillance footage from a business that had been the victim of a theft, an image from their cameras produced a suspect vehicle. Upon running the make and color of the vehicle through FLOCK, an image matching the suspect vehicle was located on LPR cameras in the City of Pittsburg. Upon running the license plate captured on the LPR, it was learned that the suspect vehicle had been stolen from another jurisdiction. The stolen vehicle was later recovered. That case produced a suspect, and also a possible suspect for the other theft case, which are actively being investigated. LPR located and identified a suspect vehicle involved in a Criminal Damage incident. Suspect was located and cited. The Pittsburg Police Department responded to a Non-Injury Hit & Run Accident. A description and still image of the suspect vehicle was provided to CAU by a neighboring business. By searching and filtering through FLOCK, the suspect vehicle was located, providing the officer with the name and license plate number of the suspect and suspect vehicle. The offending driver was subsequently located and received traffic citations regarding the incident. Assisted PSU Police Department in locating a Flock image of a stolen vehicle from their jurisdiction, which provided the approximate time of theft and direction of travel. Later in the week, a FLOCK LPR in RENO COUNTY, KS received an alert on the stolen vehicle through NCIC. A pursuit ensued, and the suspects were eventually stopped after running over spike strips and arrested. A utility trailer was stolen while it was parked on the lot of a business in Pittsburg. The trailers owner provided the officer with the times that he was at the business. With that information, CAU was able to locate an LPR image of the trailer being pulled by the owners vehicle, prior to it being stolen, which provided an accurate image of what the trailer looked like. By utilizing specific timeframes, CAU was able to locate an LPR image of the stolen trailer being pulled by the suspect vehicle, at an intersection in close proximity of where the theft occurred. The suspect vehicle and a suspect were later identified.