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Last Updated: Thu May 30 2024
Santa Clara County CA SO uses Flock Safety technology to capture objective evidence without compromising on individual privacy. Santa Clara County CA SO utilizes retroactive search to solve crimes after they've occurred. Additionally, Santa Clara County CA SO utilizes real time alerting of hotlist vehicles to capture wanted criminals. In an effort to ensure proper usage and guardrails are in place, they have made the below policies and usage statistics available to the public.
What's Detected
License Plates, Vehicles
What's Not Detected
Facial recognition, People, Gender, Race
Acceptable Use Policy
Data is used for law enforcement purposes only. Data is owned by the City of Los Altos Hills and the City of Saratoga with the Sheriff's office acting as operators in the interest of public safety. Data is never sold to 3rd parties.
Prohibited Uses
Immigration enforcement, traffic enforcement, harrassment or intimidation, usage based solely on a protected class (i.e. race, sex, religion), Personal use.
Access Policy
All system access requires a valid reason and access data is stored indefinitely. The associated case or incident report number is shown as the reason for accessing system data in the Public Search Audit.
Hotlist Policy
Hotlist hits are required to be human verified prior to action.
Data retention (in days)
30 days
Number of owned cameras
External organizations with access
Alameda County CA SO, Arcadia CA PD, Atherton CA PD, Azusa CA PD, Bakersfield CA PD, Burbank CA PD, Butte County CA SO, Cal State Fullerton (CA), California Department of Corrections, Carlsbad CA PD, Chula Vista CA PD, Citrus Heights CA PD, City of Riverside CA PD , Colma CA PD, Colton CA PD , Costa Mesa CA PD, Culver City CA PD, Danville CA PD, Dublin CA PD (ACSO), El Cajon CA PD, Elk Grove CA PD, Emeryville CA PD, Fairfield CA PD, Folsom CA PD, Foster City CA PD, Fowler CA PD, Fremont CA PD, Fullerton CA PD, Galt CA PD, Gilroy CA PD, Hercules CA PD, Imperial County CA SO, Indio CA PD, Irvine CA PD, La Habra CA PD, La Mesa CA PD, La Verne CA PD, Lake County CA SO, Lakeport CA PD, Lincoln CA PD, Livermore CA PD, Lodi CA PD, Lompoc CA PD, Los Alamitos PD CA, Los Altos CA PD, Los Gatos Monte Sereno PD - CA, Manteca CA PD, Mendocino County SO-CA, Milpitas CA PD, Modoc County CA SO, Monterey Park CA PD, Morgan Hill CA PD, Murrieta CA PD, Napa CA PD, National City CA PD, NCRIC, Newark CA PD , Novato CA PD, Oakley CA PD, Oceanside CA PD, Ontario CA PD, Orange County (CA) DA Office , Oxnard CA PD , Pacific Grove CA PD, Palo Alto CA PD, Pasadena CA PD, Placentia CA PD, Placer County CA SO, Pleasant Hill CA PD, Pleasanton CA PD, Port of Stockton CA PD, Redondo Beach CA PD, Rio Hondo College PD CA, Rio Vista CA PD, Riverside County CA SO, Salinas CA PD, San Bruno CA PD, San Francisco CA PD, San Jose CA PD, San Mateo CA PD, San Ramon CA PD, Sand City CA PD, Santa Clara CA PD, Santa Clara County CA SO, Santa Rosa CA PD, Seal Beach CA PD , Seaside CA PD, Sonoma County CA SO, South Pasadena CA PD, South San Francisco CA PD, Stanford University CA PD, Stockton CA PD, Ukiah CA PD, Union City CA PD, Upland CA PD , Vacaville CA PD, Vallejo CA PD, Ventura CA PD, Watsonville CA PD, West Covina CA PD, Woodlake CA PD, Woodland CA PD, Yuba County Sheriffs Office
Hotlists Alerted On
California SVS, NCMEC Amber Alert
Vehicles detected in the last 30 days
Hotlist hits in the last 30 days
Searches in the last 30 days
Public Search Audit
Additional Info
City of Saratoga Success Stories
July 2022: A Saratoga resident reported people entering their backyard and stealing patio furniture. Although the residents surveillance camera captured images of the vehicle used to steal the patio furniture, the incident occurred at night and the camera was unable to detect the vehicles license plate number. A nearby ALPR camera was able to detect the vehicles license plate at night and this information provided an investigative lead that allowed the Sheriffs Office to identify one of the suspects responsible for the theft. September 2022: A call was reported to the Sheriffs Office that a group of suspects followed a Saratoga resident from a retail store to the victim's residence, entered the open garage of the victim's residence where the victim was unloading groceries from his vehicle. One of the suspects then pointed a firearm at the victim, demanded the victim's Rolex watch and cash from the victim's wallet, to which the victim complied. The victim gave a good description of the vehicle. Using that information, the known time frame of the crime, and the ALPR system, deputies were able to share identifying information with other law enforcement organizations and the suspect was ultimately arrested by a partner agency. October 2022: Deputies received an ALPR hit in Saratoga for a stolen vehicle. The vehicle was located and stopped. In addition to possession of a stolen vehicle, the driver also had an outstanding warrant for prowling and was arrested. The vehicle was returned to the registered owner. November 2022: Deputies received an ALPR hit for a vehicle associated with felony crimes in Saratoga. The vehicle was located, deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, but the suspect driver did not yield and recklessly evaded until running out of gas on State Route 85, where the suspect was taken into custody. January 2023: Deputies received an ALPR hit for a stolen vehicle in Saratoga. The vehicle was located a short time later, and deputies attempted an enforcement stop, but the suspect driver did not yield and recklessly evaded. The suspect's vehicle eventually became disabled and the suspect was detained without further incident. The suspect admitted to knowing the vehicle was stolen and also had an outstanding warrant for auto theft and was driving without a license. The suspect was arrested.
Additional Info